S.M.A.R.T. Disk Monitor
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Using S.M.A.R.T. Disk Monitor
General Overview
Hardware & Software Requirements
Windows 95/98 IDE Drivers
ASPI Drivers
O/S Differences & Programmatic Limitations
SCSI Enclosure Services Support
Principles of Operation
What do I do if I Get an Alert?
Run-time Options
Allowing Non-Administrative Users to Run the Program
Main Window Functions
Device and Controllers Window
Device Selection Box
SCSI Device Info Box
IDE Device Info Box
Additional Drive Information Window
Caching Parameters
Mode Page Editor
Advanced Functions / Performing SCSI Commands
Predictive Failure Control and Configuration Window
Partition Layout
Enclosure Information and Status
Adapter Window
Host Adapter Properties
Status Polling
Event Window
Menu Functions
Alert Menu
Configure Status Alert E-MAIL Services
Log All Polling Results, Even if OK
Enable E-MAIL Alerting Functionality
Maintain Rulesets for Displaying and Sending Alerts
Suppress Start-Up Banner
Start Program in Minimized Mode
Maintain Rulesets for Displaying and Sending Statistical Alerts
Place Program In Startup Folder
Poll (SES/SAF-TE-Compliant) Enclosures
Poll Disks with Removable Medium
Configure Autolaunch Program In Event of a Predictive Failure Alert
Extended Vital Product Data
Drive Databases & Record Layouts
View Sense Code Tables by Drive
View Log Page Tables by Drive
Message Logging
Purge Event History File
View Event History File
Purge Statistical History File
View Statistical History File
Enable Alert Sound
Enable Polling Sound
Select Sounds
Extended Inquiry Record Layout and Reporting
Getting Help
Contacting SANtools
Contacting Your Supplier
Using WebUpdate
Applications Panel
Settings Panel
Update WebUpdate
Frequently Asked Questions
How do you Test SMART Drives?
What are Sense Codes?
What is S.M.A.R.T. and How Does it Work?
Glossary of Terms and Conventions
Why Don't I See my IDE Drives?
SES-Specific Definitions

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