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WebUpdate™ by InstallShield, is an application that allows SANtools to ensure that new versions of S.M.A.R.T. Disk Monitor will be readily available and easily accessible to our users. It provides an automated method for distributing software updates to our end-users, and is automatically installed when you install SMARTMon on your PC.

WebUpdate operates by downloading a small diagnostic script designed to survey your machine and determine the revision levels of the software and databases. Upon completion of the survey, the tool processes the results of the diagnostic script and, if warranted, initiates an Internet download and installation of our latest software. This functionality can be invoked by clicking on the Launch WebUpdate to Check/Install Latest Release selection on the Help menu.

This tool reduces the likelihood that you are operating out-of-date software, and allows us to provide program updates as quickly and easily as possible.
All of the Web Update enabled applications that reside on your computer are displayed in this window of the applications panel. By right-clicking the name of any application displayed in this window, you can Check for an Update, Change the URL where updates to the application are located, or display a Description of the application. By double clicking the name of an application that is displayed in this window, Web Update checks to see if a newer version of this application exists and is available for download.   

The applications panel of the Web Update dialog displays a listing of all of the applications that may be updated using Web Update. To check if a newer version of any application that is provided in the list exists, you can double click the name of the application in which you are interested.

The applications that are listed on this panel can be sorted according to Name, Version, Vendor, and the date of the last update. To change the way that the applications that are listed in this panel are displayed, click the display type that you would like to use at the top of the panel.

Updating a URL
To update the URL at which you have stored your application, right-click on the name of the application that you would like to update, and select Update URL from the pop up menu. A dialog is displayed that prompts you to enter a URL where Web Update will look for the .vbs file that lets users know a more recent version of your application exists. SANtools hopes you never have to do this.