Run-time Options

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SMARTMon has several program options which may be set when the program is launched. All options are not case sensitive.

Set Program Delay
smartmon /delay=60
This instructs SMARTMon to sleep for 60 seconds before beginning device polling after the program is launched. You would only need to do this if you have configured the software to run as either a NT service, or in the startup folder.

Depending on the speed of your machine, and the number of attached peripherals and adapters, it may take up to a few minutes for your operating system to properly identify and initialize your storage-related device drivers and DLLs. Within a few seconds of SMARTMon starting up, it immediately attempts to discover then poll devices. If the drivers aren't fully initialized then this can cause program crashes or symptoms where SMARTMon doesn't display all of your hardware.

You are free to set the delay period to any number from 1 to 999999 seconds.

Set Stealth Mode

smartmon /stealth
This option is a feature that lets you run the program in the background. It will NOT appear on either the system tray or the task bar. The only way to know it is running is to look at the task manager to see all programs running on your machine. This enhancement was added for administrators who wanted the program to be run with only a small possibility that the user will know about it.

In the event you have an alert, then the alert mechanism will work in the normal fashion. That is, if E-MAIL is enabled and configured, then messages will be sent. If pop-up windows are enabled for a certain event, then a window will appear with the message.

In addition, if the program is started with stealth mode, then it will automatically sleep for 60 seconds before polling.

Define Statistical Log File

smartmon /logfile="C:\logs\statisticalalerts.txt"
This option lets you define the log file name that SMARTMon will assign for statistical logging entries. You may substitute any value for the file name. Be sure to put the file name within the double quotes as shown above. The rules are saved in the
LOGSENSEDB.TXT file, and you can click here to see the record layout.

Configuring program to allow non-administrative users to run the program

smartmon /SETPRIV Username Password Domain
This option lets non-administrative users run the program. Full details can be found by clicking here. The
Username, Password and Domain fields correspond to an account on the local machine that has administrative privileges. When the program is invoked, it checks the validity of the account, and if it exists and has administrative rights, then the program will launch. Otherwise, a descriptive message will appear, and the program will terminate.

If you are not on a domain, then enter "None" for the domain field. In addition, this feature is only applicable to users running Windows NT and up.