Place Program In Startup Folder

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Select this item to instruct the software to run in the startup folder. This means that when you boot your computer, SMARTmon will automatically start itself (after a 60 second delay, to give time for your disk drivers to fully initialize).

When you check or uncheck this item, the program will make the necessary registry entries immediately for you.

If you have made a manual registry entry to start the program, then it is possible that SMARTMon will not have this option automatically checked for you. That is because the software searches for an exact filename and directory match before marking this item as enabled. The solution is to just re-check this item.

The registry entry that will be made for you will be at:

... and the entry will typically be:
C:\PROGRAM FILES\SMARTMon\SMARTmon.exe /delay=60

If you have a fast system, with only IDE disk drives, then you can manually take out the 60-second delay if you wish. You may also have to extend the delay if you have a large number of SCSI or Fibre channel disk drives. See Run Time Options for details.