Mode Page Editor

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This is one of the most valuable components of S.M.A.R.T. Disk Monitor. It allows you to change hundreds of disk drive settings covering diverse features such as how the drive formats, power-saving settings, and error-recoveries.
By viewing and modifying mode pages, the user can define a target's operational parameters, such as how a device sets up caching, or how it deals with error recovery or power conditions.

First and foremost ...
If you have no concept of what a mode page editor is, and what it can do for you, then look but don't touch. In extreme cases, making grossly incorrect drive changes can make your data inaccessible.

Select Mode Page And Codes
In order to provide a list box of supported mode-pages, SMARTMon first queries the device and just asks it what pages it supports. Then SMARTMon compares that list to pages that are defined in the ANSI SCSI standard. If the mode page is not vendor-specific, then the ANSI description will appear. Otherwise, "(xx) Vendor Unique" will appear.

When you highlight a mode page, SMARTMon will immediately query it, and display the selected mode page, in either decimal or hexadecimal format.

Current Settings
, Saved Settings, Default Settings and Changeable Settings refer to the Page Control bits, which determine which set of values are desired. Basically consider the default settings, the ones from the factory, and saved settings are the result of any changes that have been "saved" through SMARTMon, or any other program which made a change to a particular mode page.

SMARTMon makes it easy for you to determine if a particular bit is changeable, because it color-codes the mode page bytes.

Not all bits on all mode pages are changeable. Also, is it quite common for firmware upgrades to change changeable or default bits in particular mode pages.

The Mode Page Record Layout
reflects the ANSI-standard part of a mode page. The ANSI specification allows for vendors to append additional information, as well as use certain undefined or reserved areas in mode pages. SMARTMon does not attempt to document the thousands of vendor-specific mode page entries for you. This means that not only may you see a non-zero value in a reserved field, but also you should not change it unless you have the programming manual for that particular disk drive.

If you are running the personal edition of the software, then you will NOT be allowed to make changes to any mode pages. That feature is reserved for users of the enterprise (corporate) edition.