How do you Test SMART Drives?

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Most SMART-compliant drives allow you to programmatically create SMART errors that will invoke the alert screen and E-MAIL system if configured.

In order to do this:
1.Go to main screen and highlight a disk drive.  
2.Click on Show Disk or Adapter Details  
3.Click on Configure S.M.A.R.T.  
4.Click on Test Mode Enabled  
5.Set MRIE to 6  
6.Set period between informational exception report to 50 (5 seconds).  
7.Select Update  
8.Select OK  
9.Select Poll Now (make sure it has been at least 5 seconds since you selected Update to allow the disk to run internal SMART tests).  

When you are through, please disable the SMART test mode, as it may interfere with normal operations.

This does not work for IDE disk drives. The IDE specification does not allow testing of S.M.A.R.T. disk drives.

Or ... you could just press the Test Alert button from the main screen. This will also generate a false error for alert testing purposes.