Host Adapter Properties

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General Information Window
All of the following fields are derived from asking the ASPI layer to report all SCSI controller cards. It will return all controllers which are recognized by the ASPI layer. This includes SCSI, fibre channel, and SSA adapters. It will also include ATAPI controllers (CD-ROM). This is because the ATAPI command set is a subset of SCSI.

·Logical Adapter Number: Corresponds to the logical adapter number of the disk drive. Some adapters such as the Pathlight SSA adapter, will report 4 logical adapters. This is because the card can support 64 devices, which must be split into 4 x 16 devices. Fibre channel adapters commonly report multiple logical adapters as well.  
·SCSI ID: The ID of the adapter card.  
·ASPI Manager: The name of the ASPI manager. It will almost always be ASPI for Win32.  
·Identification String: The make and model of adapter, as returned by a standard SCSI inquiry command.  
·Max # SCSI Targets: The maximum number of SCSI target ID's supported by this logical adapter.  
·Maximum Transfer Length: The maximum size in bytes for an I/O. This is a feature of the adapter and the drivers.