Device Selection Box

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This box shows a tree with all devices and controllers. Click on a device or adapter, then press the Show Disk or Adapter Details & Perform Advanced Functions button to view or modify it's characteristics.

If you double-click on an adapter then you will either expand or collapse a device tree.

Note that only physical disks are shown, and not logical disks. Therefore, if you have drive C: partitioned into two logical disks C: and D:, then you will only see a single device. This is by design, since SMARTMon does nothing at the file level.

If you have a fibre channel adapter, then you will see multiple logical adapters. That is because this type of adapter can support 127 devices, so it represents itself as multiple adapters to support that many devices.

You might also notice logical adapters labeled "ATAPI" attached to your IDE CD-ROM drives. If you should click on one, then the screens will be the same for other SCSI devices such as disk drives. That is because ATAPI is really a SCSI command-set, so the drives are speaking the SCSI language, even though they are attached to an IDE controller. This is a good thing because the SCSI command set is more robust than IDE, and SMARTMon can provide more information to you for those types of devices.

If you wish to test SMARTMon's alert engine, then first highlight a disk, then press the Test Alert button. This will cause everything to be polled again, but it will generate a false error for the highlighted disk, assuming the alert engine is set up to display the event.