Configure Status Alert E-MAIL Services

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This window lets you configure the IP name of your mail server, where you want to send a copy of an alert message, and if you want to send an alert message.
You have complete control over which machines and conditions warrant an alert being sent. In order to configure these conditions; see the section entitled, "Add/Change/Delete Rule Sets for Generating Pages"

Data Fields:
·MAIL SERVER: The IP name for your SMTP server.  
·GREETING: The header, which will be sent denoting a S.M.A.R.T. Disk Monitor alert.  
·FROM: The E-MAIL address or IP number of this computer. (Or any other way of identifying the computer to the recipient of the message.  
·TO: The E-MAIL address you want the message to go to.  
·CC: A list of E-MAIL address you also want the message to go to. Separate multiple addresses by commas.  

Send Test Message:
Press this button to send a test message and verify that everything is configured properly.

By pressing this button, the changes are made permanent and stored in your registry.

If your computer needs to send a message, and you currently have TCP/IP access to your MAIL SERVER
, then the message will be sent. If you have a dial-up connection, and have auto dial enabled under your web browser, then S.M.A.R.T. Disk Monitor will attempt to dial your ISP to send the message.

Otherwise, the message will NOT be sent.

You should really test this, to make sure your default networking (or modem) assignments are properly configured! If there is a problem with your mail server, then SMARTMon will return the error message that your mail server supplied to SMARTMon. Our experience has been that the typical message is something like "Message Rejected - No relaying", which means that the mail server requires a certain e-mail address in the From field.