SANtools® Array Manager (SAM), for users of Xyratex, SGI, MTI, and other RAID subsystems

Product Overview
SAM is a HTML-based GUI RAID manager which provides a user-friendly graphical interface for configuring and monitoring external RAID disk subsystems which use the Mylex DAC960FF, FFx, and FFx2 (SANarray and SANarray Pro) family controllers. It consists of several program and data files which run natively on all UNIX operating systems, as well as Windows XP, 2003, and Vista. All communication to the storage is through the fibre channel controller. The program incorporates an efficient imbedded web server, so nothing else is required on your host system. (Especially not Java).

SAM Screenshot
  • This supports ALL controller functionality, and supports 7.0 to 9.52 FIRMWARE. It is ported to all major operating systems. It is a replacement for OEM-branded configurators such as TPM, MSM, XDAM, and unlocks functionality that other configurators don't allow you to enable.
  • Attaches to subsystem by entering URL to special user-defined port, such as: (or) (if using DNS). Once the banner page appears, you are required to enter a valid user name and password.
  • Replacement for SGI's TPM configurator for TP9100 RAID subsystems (TPM is based on this software)
  • Replacement for Xyratex's XDAM & DAM software (also known as Distributed Array Manager) for RS1600-FFX, RS1600-FFX2 subsystems
  • Replacement for MTI MSM software used on their Vivant RAID family
  • Supports features found in firmware that was not released by SGI and other OEMS. With SAM, your RAID array can perform automated background media scanning and RAID repair during idle time.
  • At-a-glance monitoring of entire array status, logical and/or physical disks, with automatic screen refresh at user-defined interval.
  • Displays world-wide name and topology information (only for fibre channel devices which are "seen" by the RAID subsystem).
  • The product is designed for easy branding by an OEM, so their logo and contact information appears on the screens.
  • Exactly same look-and-feel, regardless of what operating system is run on the host which is attached to the storage.
  • Advanced features like pass-through disk drive firmware uploading, and ability to save and restore your configuration, encrypted password file.
  • Note: If you are using one of the OEM configurators, and need a new license key, then we can provide you an upgrade with a new license key.

Client Requirements
Just a reasonably modern browser with TCP/IP access to the UNIX or windows-family computer which is running the dam service routine. No additional software is required, and no special hardware other than either a networking card or modem is needed.

Server Requirements
An AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, LINUX-32 bit, LINUX-64 bit, Windows 2K/XP/2003/Vista, (X64 and IA64 versions also available) or SPARC-Solaris server which is physically attached to the disk subsystem via a fibre channel adapter. All standard device drivers for the fibre channel card must be installed and operational. TCP/IP services must be installed and operational. (However, a networking card is not required). The complete distribution will fit on a floppy.

OEM Customizations
Several features of the software facilitate easy branding by the OEM. These include logo and background images, and a user-defined HTML or JAVA page trailer. In addition, SAM will spoof the enclosure make & model returned by the enclosure services, so that you may substiture your vendor-id and product-id for the subsystem.

Event Monitoring
The software also ships with a background monitoring program which polls all hardware at user specified intervals, and places results in a current status file and optional history file. With simple modifications, this tool can be utilized by the OEM to provide an EMAIL, pager, or SNMP alerting mechanism.